10 Useful Tips For You Before Buying Racing Drone

What if I told you that choosing racing drone is easy as pie?

racing drone for beginners

All you need to do is read some blog post and compare one by one features of racing drone. Since there are thousands of racing drones are tempting out there with awesome performances, said the sellers.

And, Good for you to visit us first before looking for a racing drone to buy

Since we’d love to share a buying guide to buy racing drone that you must know to get the best one.

Ready to go?

Racing Drone Buying Guide for Beginners

Let me tell you this:

Beginners should not get racing drone like one driven by the pros. If pros prefer building their own racing drone,

beginners better consider getting Ready to Fly (RTF) Racing Drone


because as a newbie, you better save your time to learning how to fly your racing drone.

since building a racing drone consume lots of time to learn and build it.

  1. Get Less Expensive Racing Drone Platform

We won’t underestimate your skill in flying your racing drone.

But all beginners will mostly crash their drone often.

cheap racing drone

image from quadcopterpatrol

It is okay to make mistakes since all other newbies did the same even a pro keep crashing their racing drone. but not as much as a newbie do

Since you’re also going to crash your drone

Don’t you think it is way better to learn on way less expensive racing drone?

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  1. The Racing Drone That Teaches You To Fly

Winning a drone racing may be your dream

but if this is your first time buying a racing drone, you may want to consider ready to fly (RTF) racing drone like which is cost around $200.

This racing drone is inexpensive but fast

micro quad racing drone beginners

image from makerfire

micro quad which includes a reliable controller, onboard camera, and live video display as well as controller software that’s excellent.

This teaches you how to race.

  1. Great choice for local meetups’ competition

If you really want to join the competition in the local meetups

The budget you need to prepare is about $ 300 – $ 700 which will give you racing drone in 250mm spec with great RC controller, FPV video fee, small video display, and flight controller.

expensive racing drone

image from top10drone

For a racing drone with a pair of first-person view goggles in high quality, you need to add $ 300 to $ 500 more to your budget.

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What to Look for In a Racing Drone

Basic first-person view racing drone must have some features you will find below.

You must check every single racing drone you’re interested in

and make sure the drone you love the most have the entire features

Here’s the features you need:

  1. Four propellers plus extras

Propellers come in some different sizes including 3-inch, 4-inch, 5 inches, and 6-inch propellers.

Most of the top racers are using the 5 inched frames and propellers that are great for acrobatics and racings.

Racing Drone Propellers

Pic from GetFPV

The 6 inched propellers give us high speed but consume much more battery power.

  1. Ideal structure and weight

The racing drone that accelerates faster and much more agile is everyone’s favorite.

So, it is important to look for racing drone frames that have a thinner arm which is going to be excel in races since those arms create fewer drags that allow the drone zooms through the air at higher speeds.

lightweight racing drone

Image from Helipal

Lightweight drone with a thin profile is going to help you win more races.

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  1. Four motors plus extras

Size of the motor depends on to the size of propeller since some motors will pair perfect only with some propeller sizes.

Since the 5 inches and 6 inched propellers considered the best ones.

racing drone frames plus

pic from rcpapa

for racing, those propellers will work best when you pair them with 18xx sized motor with less thrust and 22xx sized motor with more power.

  1. Separate arms or unibody racing drone?

Racing drone with Unibody frame comes with a single plate which combines the main plate with the arms.

This design may be simpler but has several drawbacks. Once you break the arm of your unibody racing drone you need to buy a new plate, a whole one.

separate arms - unibody

Image from GetFPV

Drone with the separate arms come with many metal bolts which make your drone becomes heavier.

Which one do you prefer?

  1. H framed, or X framed racing drone?

You choose. But, a racing drone with X frame that has center stack will fly faster since almost all weights sit right in the center of racing drone.

X frame racing drone

Image from GetFPV

  1. Other features that must found in the drone

The good basic racing drone must complete with four electronic speed controls, RC flight controller, Lithium-Polymer battery, FPV video transmitter and receiver, radio control transmitter and receiver, FPV goggles, antennas, battery straps, and an onboard camera for the EPV feed.

racing drone components

Pic from GetFPV

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  1. Warranty of racing drone

Warranties on the racing drone are not like warranties on other drone types.

Racing drone warranty is tied to individual components also to cover defects only.

Sellers of racing drone normally don’t cover damage your racing drone got when you’re competing. When your racing drone is broken during competition because of a crash for example, there’s no warranty.

Key To Remember

Always Remember this:

You’re going to bring your racing drone to races

which mean, your drone is going to race with other drones during the competitions and you must get ready for bad things. example: crush each other

Yes, you read that right

Before committing to any racing league/events

make sure you consider replacement parts cost.

Since many parts of your racing drone will break when the drone falling off or when you crush it.

You need to prepare some replacement batteries, motors, frames, and electronic speed controls. Many props must also ready.

Also, don’t prepare one ESC but few more,

two replacement motors, as well as three pre-charged batteries you need to win any drone competition and the racing league.

So, ready to buy your RTF Racing Drone?