Drone Racing Guide : How To Start Right Now!

I think you’ll agree with me when i say :

Learning How to get Started with Drone Racing can be confusing

and like most people:

You probably have no idea how to get started either, since you’re Beginners

isn’t it?

But let me be honest with you:

Anyone can start a Drone Racing as soon as possible, including you!

So in this Drone Racing Guide, I’m going to show you how to get started in drone racing with simple steps.

Drone Racing, Where The Excitement Begins

So, What is Drone Racing? before you go, you should know What is Drone Racing first

Drone racing is a new Sport, yes you read it. It’s a Sport!

This sport only has 1 purpose is to Finish the race and become number one like another race. But, in Drone Racing isn’t about racing you must train your reflexes and maneuver.

Since drone racing route has many obstacles to passing it, You can see several routes/obstacles in Drone Race

drone racing gates

Pic From The Drone Girl

drone racing obstacles

Pic From Drone Review

drone racing gate

Pic From Chinadaily

drone racing track

Pic From Konbini

drone racing route

Pic from The Drones Mag

Because of the very fast growing,

This Sport gets a lot of support and has several events/league

Even, there is a Race that reaches a total prize of USD Million Dollar! Yes, a MILLION! You can see this video

Drone Racing Class – It’s Not about your Drone, It’s About Your Skill

Drone racing event/league usually categorizes/standardizes classes for every Drone that has certain specifications. This is so that no team will use the equipment too powerful.

This requires the Skill of the pilot itself and not the Drone/Components!

This class is taken from MultiGP, you can see more right here


MultiGP FPV Racing League 2017 Open Spec


MultiGP FPV  Racing League 2017 Specs


MultiGP FPV Racing League 2017 Specs

Every events/league have their own spesifications

so, make sure you check it before participate

Racing Drone – Designed for Speed!

Racing Drone is the only type of Drone for Drone Racing

This Drone is specializes in speed and agility.

Racing Drone

Pic from Oscarliang.com

as you can see above, the size of the racing drone is medium not too big and not too small.

this makes Racing Drone is able to go fast, through various obstacles.

Let me tell you something exciting:

Most of the Racing drone use an FPV System. that’s why we call it FPV Racing Drones

Wait, What is that?

FPV stands for First Person View which allows you as a pilot to view directly from a drone by using an FPV Goggles!

You know, it’s like having a bird’s eye view. You can see what drone see! Exciting, right?

This is a very extraordinary experience!

You will feel like you are in a drone, passing a tree, an obstacle, doing various attractions in the air, Feels like flying in the sky.

It feels like entering the Virtual Game like in movies.

Do you ever imagine that?

Congratz! Your imagination now come true!

You can feel like entering the racing game in a console except this is a real experience!

This video will show it:

You can learn more and complete about FPV System in this website oscarliang & dronetrest

But, Why you Should try Drone Racing as soon as possible?

It’s For FUN! and you won’t get this Kind of Fun in another sport

Like everyone who has used FPV Racing Drones, they all use it for FUN!

And if you have a competitive spirit, you can take part in various racing events

But not only that,

The exciting part of drone racing is you can race with other people like in video games racing

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Except it’s a real-time!

The Most Frequently Question from Beginners

Should you buy or build a Racing Drone?

Well, Winner and Excellent Racing Drone are born from an Excellent Build!

Because you know,

with build your own drone you can customize, and this is a part of learning in Drone Racing

You will gain a lot of knowledge, learn to repair your own drone even upgrade it with newest part/technology since drone racing is growing so fast.

Building is a big part of the fun and the skills and knowledge you learn along the way will enable you to diagnose, repair and upgrade your mini quad later on. – Oscar liang

Drone Racing Beginners Tips

Don’t worry,

if your first time flies and want to join in Drone racing. It’s Very Recommended you buy an RTF (Ready to Fly) cheap toy drone for practice.

toy drone

Pic from Cnet

Trust me, you need this so bad! Don’t jump into build or buy racing drone around $200 – $800+ if you don’t know anything yet!

Better practice with mini-drone since they have control at least same with a racing drone.

Mastering the maneuver and reflexes from your hand is critical in drone racing. Since you will face so many obstacles as you can see above

Go practice in your room first, get comfortable with your mini-drone. Be patience with your practice

You know what people say?

“Every Pro Player Comes From Nothing”

“Practice Makes Perfect”

If you master it enough you can step up to build your own Racing drone or buy an RTF Racing Drone.

Drone Racing Guide For Beginners

Before you get started, make sure you can fly drone very well like in beginner tips above.

Once you already master it and get comfortable with your practice drone. You can go to some events or league in your local country/city.

But before doing that,

You need a community who support you, who can race with you. Some community usually makes a drone racing for their members

This is a good way to start before joining an official league/events.

Since Drone Racing growing so fast, the community of it also growing

Go head over to Google/Facebook and search your local community.

Build Your Winning Drone

You know it,

Winner and Excellent Racing Drone are born from an excellent Build!

If you serious enough in this Hobby, you should learn about the components and how to build a Racing Drone.

Let’s Get Started!

racing drone components

Pic from GetFPV

Frames – The Backbone of Racing Drone

This is the main thing you must have in your racing drone. This is the backbone and skull from your racing drone.

The frame is a place to mount all component and will dictate what your drone will look like.

Racing Drone Frame

Pic from Dronetrest

There are hundreds of frame designs out there you can choose what design fit with you. All Frames have the same general features. They all want to be as strong as possible but also as light as possible.

That is why carbon fiber is often used to make frames as it’s generally strong but lightweight.

Carbon Fiber Racing Drones Frames

Pic from GetFPV

You must know, frames are measured in millimeters (mm), not from front to back, but diagonally.

from the center of motor mount to on one arm, to the center of the motor mount on the arm directly diagonal from it.

Size of Racing Drone Frame

Pic from GetFPV

System who Control Your Flight

Like its name, Flight system handle all component to make drone fly

It contains: Motors, Propellers, Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC), Flight Controller and the R/C Controller and Receiver

Drone Flight System Flow

Pic From Dronetrest

R/C Controller and Receiver – You are The Pilot!

The Radio controller is the device you use when you fly your drone. The shape is like a game controller except this is bigger.

The Radio Receiver (Rx) is the small component that installed on the drone

And connected to the flight controller. This small component takes the commands from you as a pilot

And feeds that information into the flight controller.

RC Radio

Pic from Dronetrest

There is a hundreds option of R/C Controller and Receiver(Rx) you can choose. Before choosing an R / C Controller, make sure that it suits your needs.

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And make sure the features, size, ergonomics, and range are what you want

And when it comes to selecting a radio receiver (Rx),

This generally comes down to features and size, as well as the latency of All control system.

Flight Controller – The Brain of Drone

You know from the name, this is who responsible for your flight

Meet the flight Controller,

Flight Controlelr

Pic from GetFPV

The way Flight Controller work is by taking data from two inputs

which is from the inbuilt sensor on the flight controller, and from the pilot via Radio Controller.

The sensor tells the flight controller such things as the orientation and altitude

And the pilot itself tells the flight controller in which direction they want the drone to go.

This little piece controls the flight, control most all components so that your drone can fly

that’s why we called it The Brain of Drone

Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC) – Who Is Responsible For Speed

Like its name, the ESC or Electronic Speed Controllers handle speed in the drone.

The ESC tells the drone how to spin faster or slower, what direction to spin, and when to stop.

This component is so powerful on the drone that takes the command from the flight controller

Electronic Speed Controller

Pic from GetFPV

And provide it into power the motors. Each motor have dedicated ESC

Because each motor will almost always spin at a different speed than the other.

The type of ESC that is suitable for your drone depends on what power system and which motors you are using it.


Motors provide the power that puts your drone into the air. The most important thing to know is how the motors are divided.

Racing Drone Motors

Pic from GetFPV

As an example,

If You have 2206 – 2300kv motor

The numbers refer to the dimension of the motor

22 stands for the diameter of the motor and 06 stands for the height of the motor housing.

The kV rating is as Revolutions per Minute (RPM), per volt. Lower kV motors are best used with bigger props.


Propellers or props are attached to the motors and provide the thrust of the flight system,

they spin as fast as the motors do.

Racing Drone Propellers

Pic from GetFPV

Like others components,

There are hundreds of different styles and size of props out there.

Propellers rated by size, blade pitch, and blade number.

For example: if you have a 5 x 3 x 3 that means you have 5inch propellers x 3inch of pitch x 3 blades.

Power System

In this system, they provide power and route the power to your drone. The power system typically there are two components: Battery, Power Distribution Board (PDB)

Power Distribution Board

As its name, this component used to distribute the power from the battery to all components of the drone.

Power Distribution Board Racing Drone

Pic from Dronetrest

Some of the boards have several features rather than simple power distribution

Such as power filtering that helps keep the power going to your components “noise” free, providing cleaner, more reliable power.

You will also find sometimes,

PDB include some voltage regulators that will output a consistent 5V, or 12V output to give power some of your other electronics.

Battery – The Power Source

Batteries are the primary resource of your drone it provides the power to your drone. Drones are generally powered by a battery technology call Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries and made of individual cells.

Each cell has a voltage rating of 3.7 volts, and by adding more cells, you add more voltage.

Racing Drone Battery

Pic from GetFPV

The more voltage, the faster the motor is capable of spinning. Choosing the right battery is also very important in the racing drone.

But you cannot whack a battery of 10 cells on your drone to make it go faster.

FPV System

FPV System consists of a Flight Camera, Video Transmitter (VTx), Goggles. This system works like how television work.

Flight camera provides a signal to video transmitter and distributes that signal into an FPV Goggles.

FPV System Flow

Pic from Dronetrest

The FPV Camera – The Eye

FPV camera is our eye in Racing Drone, this is the windows to the world of FPV!

FPV Camrea Racing Drone

Pic from GetFPV

FPV cameras are designed to have the lowest possible latency (the time it takes for it to capture a frame and send it back to you) this why we can see through camera without a lag.

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Most FPV cameras do not provide HD output

Because it can increase the latency of the feed which is disastrous for FPV flying

Since,  the drone technology grows so fast, hope we can see an FPV camera with HD quality in low latency in future.

Video Transmitter (VTx)

This is the connector of FPV Camera and FPV Goggles.

Video Receiver Racing Drone

Pic from Dronetrest

This component transmits the video from your FPV Camera wirelessly to FPV Goggles or ground station.

FPV Vtx range in size, power, features and provide the pilot with the wireless technology that makes the entire FPV system possible.

The Vtx is rated in terms of milliwatts (mW), which gives the pilot an idea of how far the VTx can transmit.

The FPV Goggles – The Source of Happiness

The FPV Goggles help us to get a view directly from FPV Camera.

FPV Goggles

Pic from Dronetrest

Well, not just an FPV Goggles you can also use a monitor and a ground station to fly FPV,

But there’s not exciting since we want a surreal experience when flying a drone right?

These FPV Goggles like a virtual reality headset. You see live video feed on a little screen inside the Goggles, this why we called it a bird’s eye view.

You can see what drone see and feel like you are inside the drone.

Like others components,

there are lots of different types, styles, and brands of FPV Goggles. You can select what is the best for you.


Last but not least, you definitely need this!

A Charger, so you can charge your battery, don’t buy a cheap charger. You will regret it!

Battery Charger For Racing Drones

Pic from Myfirstdrone

A drone battery (LiPo) should charged and handled with care and NEVER OVERCHARGED

It’ll drain the battery life.

Be Competitive by Going to The League/Events

Right Now,

There’s so many official league/events of Drone Racing out there.

Because this sport is growing so fast. Each league/events have their own rules

That decide The specification of drone, the race environment, etc

Here is some list of drone racing leagues :

Or you can search in your local country/city. Usually made by the local community

Important Things – Don’t Ignore This!

Safety First!

Remember this Racing Drone is very FAST and powerful! They can cause some nasty injuries to people and animals and damage property.

We have zero tolerance for people ignoring safety rules

Because it does not only affect the pilot and victim. But what can be worse is that the reputation of this hobby is bad due to some people who are not concerned about safety!

Here are some tips for safety:

  • Check your local rules and regulations about FPV, RC, and Model Flying in general
  • Get a spotter, or a fly buddy (this is why you need community)
  • Choose your flying location properly, make sure there’s fewer people/animal
  • Never fly too close to or above people and animals
  • Disconnect battery immediately after picking up the crashed quad
  • Do not try to catch your drone in mid-air
  • Never use damaged LiPo and dispose of LiPo battery properly

Conclusion – Wrap It Up!

Phew! That’s a lot of information, isn’t it? Let’s wrap it up

If you want to join Drone Racing Events / League, make sure you get comfortable and mastering the drone.

You can practice with mini-drone

Don’t go buy a Racing Drone yet, if you think you cant mastering the mini-drone, You will waste your money.

After that join the local community in your country/city,

since they are usually making a Drone Racing events for their members

If you want to buy a Racing Drone, buy an RTF (Ready To Fly) First

You will save a lot of time and learn and master the Racing Drone immediately.

After that,

Spend your time to learn more about building your own Racing Drone and you can step up to build yours

Always train your skill to maneuvering the Racing Drone and mastering it.

Try to join local community events in your country/city.

And Finally, you can join an Official Events/League.

That’s It!

Hope you get some insight and information from this post

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