Top 10 Best RTF FPV Racing Drones For 2019

We all know shopping for Best RTF FPV Racing Drones in a crowded market is a pain in the neck. dont you?

It because, The world of drone racing welcomes fresh flying toys each year.

Well, most of the upcoming models feature with innovative technology. They give you superior control on direction, angle, yaw, pitch, and speed of flight.

Even better, you get improved flight dynamics and more easy setup.

With dozens new upcoming racing drone and its own feature each year, doesn’t this make you more confuse ?

That is why we have created a list of 10 Best RTF Fpv Racing Drones of 2019.

Below, we look at the design, performance, features, flight time and even control range in each drone. It all give these drones a value to think about it before buying FPV Racing Drones in 2019.

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Top 10 Best RTF FPV Racing Drones to buy in 2019

1. Holy Stone HS230 RC Racing Quadcopter – Superior Speed and Agility

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The HS230 comes in a minimalist black color design. This Drone has Fluent and clean body designed for high speed wind resistance to reduce air drag.

The sleek drone increases sensation in the air as it soars stratospheric heights. The drone tips the balance at 11g and has dimensions of 10.2”x10.2”x2.6”


The product offers an assorted range of innovative features for an immersive experience.

Here’s what You get:

  • speeds modes
  • Headless mode
  • 360°Rolls
  • Modular Extra batteries
  • bright LED Lights
  • And Lower Power Alert.

The Holy Stone HS230 also includes 5.8GHz FOV Real Time Transmission and 2.4GHz Operating Frequency.

This enhances stabilization and zero-latency for real time videos from long range distances.

720P FOV 120° HD Modular Camera for Aerial Photography

Inside this drone sits a powerful 5.8GHz 720P FOV Camera with LCD Screen. You geat more benefits as a pilot from the 720P 120 Degree FOV HD Camera and 5.8GHz real-time image transfer.

They provide real-time image and live video transmission of lightning-fast laps. The 2.4GHz pales in comparison with the 5.8GHz which has higher and open ISM frequency band. You can feast your eyes on high quality and crystal clear video on mounted LCD Screen.


It is drive by a more compact, lighter and more powerful motor that hits an insane speed up to 45 Km/h!

The manufacturer does not recommend it for beginners as they cannot achieve a stable and precise yaw route at this pace.

Flying Time and Control Range

Even better,
This affordable drone supports an astonishing flight time up to 10 minutes thanks to the robust modular batteries.

The ranges over a maximum control range of roughly 328 feet.

  • 5.8GHz FOV Camera
  • High speed and agility
  • Advanced real-time transmission
  • Precise control
  • Durable construction
  • Wide and adjustable camera angle
  • Its not recommended for Beginners
  • Lacks altitude hold

2. Hubsan H122D X4 Storm – Revolutionary High Tech

The Hubsan H122D X4 Storm 5.8G FPV Racing Drone Is one of the most revolutionary high-tech toys you want to buy in 2019.

It offers all bells and whistles right out of the box.

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The Hubsan H122D X4 Storm has a striking design with a vibrant yellow and black color scheme. This make the drone looks very cool

It’s made of carbon fiber frame resistant to crashes, weighs 3.9 pounds and has the following dimensions: 14.6”x8.1”x5.9″


This mini-size drone comes with a revved-up coreless motor, 720P HD Camera, 3D Roll, and 5.8G FPV.

Is it all you get?
No! There is one more, You also get HV002 FPV Goggles with a 4.3” LCD screen for improving the vision in your race.

720P HD Camera

A camera has become a staple part for products in this industry. The built-in and shielded 720P HD Camera gives you control and stabilization of data for detailed and sharp images

The video conveyed in real time on the HV002 FPV Goggles gives
you more control authority for accuracy, ultra-fast movements, and stable yaw displacement.

Flight Time and Control Range

This mini premium tech toy flies long range distances while its control range matches quad racers within this price range. An astonishing 110 meters let you range over long trails without losing your bearing.

The flight time clocks in at 8 minutes. But bearing in mind it’s a racing drone, thus you must swap batteries after each use.

  • Small learning curve
  • Advanced camera technology
  • Professional-grade videos
  • Broad camera range
  • Dual mode for newbies and professionals
  • Generous accessories package
  • Flips, rolls and swoops on flight
  • Short battery life
  • Controller has short range
  • Does not include extra propellers

3. Hubsan H123D X4 Jet 4CH – Insane Jet Speed

Get high-dynamic performance from a sturdy framework, brushless motor and powerful camera.

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The Hubsan H123D X4 comes with a solid carbon fiber frame to face the crash over the long haul.

It also has a lightweight body. You can hit staggering flying speed without drag or wind resistance. The jet-like black cover, green face, and propellers stand out with a unique appearance.

The item weighs 145g including battery with the following dimensions: 9.5”x7.7”x6.1”.


The feature-rich Hubsan H123D X4 offers a powerful and fast-performing racing drone.

  • It has intuitive controls
  • Two-speed function
  • And flying speed of 55 miles per hour.

You also get 5.8GHz video transmission, HT012D Transmitter, and 2.4 GHz RC Control Series along with 360° rotation capabilities. It also includes the high-performance brushless motor.


Built-in 720P HD camera transmits top-quality images and videos to the screen controller.

It decreases radio disruptions for a seamless and crispier video with the high-grade 5.8GHz receiver. You have another card up your sleeve with a racing drone quick as a flash for split-second movements.

Dual-Speed Dial

This lightning-fast drone comes with a two-speed function making it easier for beginner. It includes a low-speed mode useful for beginners to hone their skills.

The high-speed mode generates full torque at zero speed to put the skills of expert pilots to test.

Flight Time and Control Range

The H123D X4 will zip past other drones like the Bolt with an overtaking speed of 25 miles per hour. You receive detailed FPV transmission range of up to 100 meters.

It has a remote control distance of up to 150 meters. You can fly the drone for up to 10 minutes which answers your description for a racing quadcopter.


  • No FPV lag when capturing data
  • Camera archives directly to microSD
  • Excellent acceleration
  • 8GHz Transmitter
  • Comes with controller and FPV screen
  • Battery status beep alerts
  • Battery life falls short of expectations
  • Drone designed for LOS sport flight

4. Walkera Rodeo 150 – Nightvision Camera

Walkera Rodeo enters the market as a nippy copter in a well-configured package. It comes with a night version mini-camera onboard and dual-diversified antenna design.

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The Rodeo comes as the latest entrant in its lineup. An enclosed modular design gives it a cool appearance. The frame sticks out in the air and the battery in proximity to the base of the body creates a balanced vertical CG.

With the folding RX antennas, the Walkera Rodeo 150 mimics a grasshopper. The F150 offers two colors (Black/Gold or White/Black) along with BNF and RTF packages.


Walkera comes with all the features needed for a pleasurable and safe flight.

They include an :

  • External receiver port
  • Versatile F3 flight controller
  • Many flight modes
  • Onboard buzzer
  • And powerful headlight.

The 600TVL camera offers angle change. It packs a powerful, fast brushless motor making it a hardworking brainchild.


A 600TVL sits in the front of the plane above two LED lights. You can adjust the camera in the neighborhood of -10° to +40° to fit your flight style.

It pairs well with the supersonic speed, agility and maneuverability. The high-quality camera offers a smooth operation and stable signal from 100 meter.

Pre-Configured Transmitter

The RTF package includes a reconfigured transmitter with a sole flight mode switch. The professional, auto-level mode, and intermediate modes broaden your flight repertoire.

All modes deliver fine flight quality without raging out of control. The auto-level mode locks roughly 45° tilt in all directions and feels agile. Intermediate mode holds auto-level if you release the sticks. You have autonomy to revolve in any direction or any angle.

Flight Time and Control Range

The Walkera Rodeo 150 gives exhilarating fun up to 8 minutes. It has better precision and control thanks to the battery 7.4V 800mAh.

This may not surprise the drone community, but yet meets professional racing demands. But the cherry on the top goes to its 800 meters of control distance improve the flight performance.


  • Ultra-compact, lightweight brushless motor
  • Fast and responsive
  • Intuitive flight controller
  • You can tweak the camera’s angle
  • Low-voltage alarm with onboard buzzer
  • Available spare parts
  • Restricted fun time of only five minutes
  • Nylon airframe rather than carbon fiber
  • Lacks OSD

5. Arris X220 V2 220MM – High End Brushless Motors

With a lightweight body and improved stability, this bird bursts through the air like bullets.

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At a glance, the Arris X220 V2 220MM strikes the right note with its low profile. The “X” symmetrical design makes it lightweight, simple structure, durable and agile.

A chamfered edge on the arm and dynamic balanced propeller create a sleek body.

It decreases wind resistance, improving the aerodynamic efficiency. Resilient carbon fiber will withstand racing ravages. Your Holy Grail will not get wrecked by obstacles en route.


Arris X220 V2 220MM has upgraded the camera of the previous X220 V2 CAO157 with a FOXEER ARROW Mini FPV Camera.

The camera excels in both bright and dark environments.

It supports 5-35V super wide voltage, built-in microphone and FPV OSD. You can adjust the angle of the camera from zero to 20 degrees.

High-End Brushless Motor

ARRIS equipped this plane with a more robust 2205 V2 2300k brushless motor. It runs on all cylinders for best results.

It integrates a new M5 steel shaft, bolstering structural integrity. The advanced centrifugal fan profile helps optimize heat dissipation.

Switchable VTX

The switchable video transmitter offers stable output power and long range transmission. It has stock antennae and six modes.

You can toggle output power or frequency setting in the OSD interface using a remote controller. It weighs 6g, befitting FPV racing drones.

Flight Time and Control Range

The X220 V2 offers up to 12 minutes of flight time to hit the sweet spot for racing freaks. Besides, it provides a stunning control distance of up to 900 meters on ground and 1500 meters in the air.

  • Readily-assembled battery and RTF assembly
  • Premium-grade batteries provide longer flight times
  • Pre-calibrated and lab-tested for high performance
  • Lightweight and minimalist profile for agility
  • Works in well-lit or dark environments
  • No goggles provided
  • Expensive price tag
  • Restricted field of vision from camera

6. Racing Drone DEERC

The super-fast Bolt Bee comes in a premium-grade build. It has lightweight and crash-resistant materials.


The Bolt Bee comes with durable materials. It will endure inevitable crashes or collisions that come its way. Use of lightweight and flexible plastic makes it streamlined.

High-quality build increases the strength of the framework. You’ll grow fond of its appealing vibrant baby yellow color. This appearance also improves visibility. 2.4GHz 6-Axis


The HS250 Bolt Bee boasts 2.4GHz remote control technology for pinpoint-accurate control. 6-Axis gyroscope allows you to detect the location discrepancies and precise aerial positioning.

The improved 6-axis gyro has more resistance to altitude displacement than the 3-axis. The technology decreases excessive acceleration for a smooth flight.

Adjustable Modes

The HS250 Bolt Bee provides a various modes. The Primary, Mid-Level and High-Level let you customize it to your experience level. To tweak the different flight modes, toggle the flight mode switch on the controller.

It flies in the bowels of darkness or low-lit environments thanks to the Night Flight Mode.

Flight Time and Operation Range

HS250 Bolt Bee offers a flight time of 5 to 7 minutes. But, it gives warning beep alerts. It signals the pilot to turn back the drones when the battery runs low to avoid losing.

The transmitter offers an operation range in the neighborhood of 50 meters to 70 meters. It will give you more skin in the drone racing scenes.

    • High quality and durable materials
    • No camera or Wi-Fi distractions
    • Long-lasting batteries lengthen flight time
    • Ideal for newbies and professional pilots
    • Auto function ensures it does not get lost
    • Affordable
  • No camera or Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Lacks tons of features and functionalities affiliated to drones in its class

7. Eachine Wizard x220 – Mini Ninja

The fast and nimble Eachine packs more power for insane speed. The high-thrust gives you revved-up performance.

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Eachine wizard x220 boasts three-blade propellers providing a strong rift. It overcomes severe weather with a stronger, ultra-light, and ultra-flexible carbon fiber framework.

The X-frame design ditches unnecessary weight to improve stability, speed, and power. An inclined motor base decreases drag which helps boost speed.

The X-frame delivers excellent pitch and roll maneuverability.

You can expect predictable flight characteristics. Rubberized grommets used shield the power cables and VTX antenna. It’s very solid to resist high impact.


The cherry on the cake is the 700TVL Camera sitting in the front of the frame. As an entry-level racer, this will work like charm. It’s mounted on an adjustable angle mount.

This gives you increased flexibility and a much wider field of view. The video transmitter linked to the antenna inhibits vibrations. It helps protect the transmitter in case you collide with an obstacle.

High-Thrust Motors

The ARF and RTF models incorporate four 2205 2300KV brushless motors. They pack a punch for aggressive flights. The energy-efficient brushless motors generate strong thrust.

The motor lifts the rocket and propel it forward fast with more torque and maneuvers. The motors have detachable guards to improve durability and hold dust and mud at bay.

Ground Station

The 2.4G FS-i6 6-Channel Remote Controller feels lightweight in the palm of your hands. This gives you a competitive edge in drone racing. It connects and programs to the copter in a snap.

It runs on a 2.4GHz frequency range with six channels and a multidirectional antenna. On the whole, it offers improved range and minimized latency. The controller gobbles minimal power and does not burden your battery.

Flight Time and Control Range

With an impressive flying time of up to 12 minutes, the Eachine wizard x220 allows filming for long laps. It’s one of the drones with the longest flying time in our list. Operating range of up to 500 meters fulfills your racing experience. Plus better FPV and battery life.

    • Pre-soldered FC and Matek PDB for a streamlined build
    • ARF version includes cable ready to connect with the receiver
    • Rubber grommets shield VTX antenna connection and cables
    • LEDs beneath motors for orientation
    • Neoprene bumpers
    • Side plate guards
    • Includes spare propellers
    • Durable construction
    • XT-60 battery connector for compatibility
  • VTX has dip switches to tweak channels
  • No spare parts available
  • No built-in battery monitoring

8. LE-IDEA IDEA7 Foldable – Foldable Drone

The IDEA7 offers accurate GPS positioning, plenty of useful features along with accessories.

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The IDEA7 comes with a foldable propellers design that offers portable benefits. It has a well-built frame for improved durability. The construction attests to attention to detail in craftsmanship.

The sleek body attests to the build quality. Vibrant yellow color gives a bright and breezy orientation. This makes it ideal for low-lit environments. Your little guy looks awesome from a distance.


The GPS Foldable drone boasts a 720P Camera with FOV 120°/2.0 lens for rich-contrast and sharper data. 720P HD camera offers advanced FPV capability. It uses an accessible SK GPS app.

You access vast telemetry data. It sends altitude, roll, pitch, battery status, yaw, longitude and latitude. GPS function ensures a safe controlled flight. You get a glimpse of breathtaking panoramas from a drone’s vantage.

Versatile Modes

An advanced GPS mode promotes precise positioning and ensures you don’t lose the drone. Settings include position hold, return to home, auto take off, circle, waypoints abilities and auto landing.

It beeps and reverts to the initial location if it staggers out of the maximum control area. Hit the “One Key Return to Home” and the drone uses its strong signal to fly back to the previous take off location.

The “Follow Me” Mode causes the drone to reconfigure in a matter of seconds and take off trailing the mobile control. “Waypoint Mode” allows you to map out a trajectory for your drone to follow.

Flight Time and Control Range

The IDEA7 offers a flight time of up to 15 minutes keeping it way ahead of its counterparts in this price range.

It supports a maximum transmission distance of 100m outdoor and unobstructed.

    • GPS capabilities in an entry-level model
    • 720P HD camera with FPV capability and uses app
    • App provides tons of telemetry data
    • Versatile operations with the controller and phone
    • 4 900mah battery supports up to 11 minutes of flying time
  • Relatively restricted range of roughly 60 meters
  • Trademarked battery
  • No microSD card slot
  • Video lag makes FPV flight difficult

9. Force1 Racing Drone – Unique Design

The Force1 comes with high-tech features throwing your racing experience to new heights.

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The Force1 Racing Drone has a low profile. It comes with an ultra-light, resilient and bend-resistant carbon fiber frame. It’s well-engineered and among the lightest models entering the market. It can withstand collision impacts without ruining your investment.


It has a light and compact a 2.5mm HD CCD camera. The camera provides better light sensitivity with more pixels. You generate crispier, clearer images. It processes data with minimal noise, wide dynamic and excellent back-light.

CCD cameras have a superior WDR which allows you to see even in low-light conditions. The adjustable camera with a hard shell adds an extra layer of protection to this pearl of great price.


You have nine channel functionalities and customization switches of various types. It broadens your versatility. Its multicolored LCD display means intuitive controller setup screen as well as data.

This transmitter also gives you the fastest and high-precision response.

First Person View

It has high-quality goggles, a sizable and crisp screen. You enjoy best-in-class viewing experience. It has the greatest peripheral view and seamless real-time video transmission.

The goggles have a beveled lens screen. You can glimpse at more images without disruptive scanning.

Top Racing Spec Motors

A more robust brushless SE2205-230K motor delivers more power and strong lift. It allows you to hit high speeds in a split-second. It ranges over 900 meters ground and 1500 meters air.

Force1 Racing Drone propellers create an improved propulsion system. It delivers powerful bursts of acceleration.

  • Impressive speed and agility
  • Durable construction
  • Improved stability
  • Extra batteries and motors
  • Easy to operate
  • Not very fast and lacks thrust
  • Swayed by violent winds
  • Lack of Battery

10. Rise Vusion House Racer – Indoor Champ

The Rise Vusion House Racer offers a house toy for all indoor tricks adding more thrilling fun.

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This high-tech rocket has a peculiar design with blades pointing downwards. This orientation makes it more responsive and ultra-fast. It comes in a lightweight body with durable materials resistant to high impact.

This little guy will zip through your house without dreading any obstacles. Wall guards safeguard it and prevent blade contact with obstacles while in use.


Above the House Racer body, you get a compact, wide-angle camera lens. It’s projected forward out of the lime-green casing. This versatile 600TVL FPV camera produces high resolution images.

But it’s far from spectacular quality. With a 160 degrees wide angle view, it gives a lucid field of vision in front.


The House Racer controller comes with two control sticks. The left stick readjusts altitude and rotation. The right one tweaks left-right or front-back movement. A switch on the left shoulder tweaks the flight mode.

The one on right predetermines the stunts the drone can take on. Two more shoulder buttons activate video and photo capture.


You get plenty of juice and maneuverability indoors from your little rocket. It helps if you’re learning the ropes on how to nail incredible maneuvers. It works in three flight modes.

Use Flight Mode 1to auto-level and restrict turning, motion and flight speed to a snail’s pace. Flight Mode 2 eliminates these constraints, but maintains the auto-level function. Flight Mode 3 gives you total authority over the drone.

Battery Life

A pocket-sized 650Ah Li-ion battery supports 4 to 5 minutes of flight time. It matches what you get from most house racers.

You can recharge it within 20 minutes. Longer battery life means more maneuverable fun exploring the friendly skies indoors.

  • Complete FPV package with all bells and whistles
  • Incredible performance by a tiny machine
  • Well-built and durable
  • Lost alarm beacon
  • Fast for outdoor adventures
  • Inverted motor gets damaged by grass outside

Final Thoughts – Wrapping it Up

We have explored the newest FPV drones expected to hit the stores in 2019. As you search for the best product, you should consider a unique design and a carbon body.

It will last more years. New drones feature more powerful motors, easy setup, and agile aerodynamics. Space-age rockets launch like a streak of lightning. Almost all professional drones offer an amazing camera.

They deliver super-quality images and video in real time. Also consider weight, frame material, display options, motors, propellers, and batteries.

We hope the list helps you pick the best FPV Racing Drone according to your budget. Keep in mind, there’s no such thing as a “perfect” component

In case you think we missed a good fpv racing drone, please let us know in discussion below

Top 10 Best RTF FPV Racing Drones For 2019

Hunting high and low for the best rtf fpv racing drones for 2019? Look no further; our top picks boast supersonic speed to romp hardcore FPV drone racers home to victory.

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